Iceland's Wild Horses

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Horses Are Creatures Who Worship The Earth As They Gallop On Feet Of Ivory

 "Horses are creatures who worship the earth
as they gallop on feet of ivory.
Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth,
the horses still run, they are free.
Horses lend us the wings we lack.
To me, horses and freedom are synonymous.
The horse is God's gift to mankind..."

Post by Ine Braat.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Happens At The BLM Roundups?

This mare suffered a broken leg in the round-up process For the most part, Bureau of Land Management officials prevent the media and wild horse advocates from having real access to these roundups, even closing off the air space during these “events”. If the roundups are humane, as the BLM and many anti-wild-horse groups claim, then why do they prevent the public from more closely witnessing and recording them? The answer is obvious—because the actual roundups are horrific for the horses and burros. People in the horse community who have attended such roundups can attest to their cruelty and severity. And they also attest to the grossly unfair numbers that both BLM and USFS are setting as so-called Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) as the population levels that are allowed within the wild horses/burros legal Herd Areas (BLM) or Territories (USFS). (See The Wild Horse Conspiracy.) copyright @[1140444435:2048:Craig Downer]

New Mexico Against Horse Slaughter

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


By D.L. McBean

ONE of the things that makes people want to live here in Nevada, is our VIEWS and WILD LIFE. One of the coolest, being our WILD HORSES. 

Waking up and having coffee on your deck, looking out at the band with it’s babies in the summer, seeing who grew up, who had a foal, is one of the nicest things ever. Now there are a lot of people who wish to take that away from us. “Us” being those of us who have lived here for so many years. 

People who for some insane reason buy a house, and then are surprised when the horses cruise through and munch on their grass or flowers. First off I say, HELLO?! Did you not do any research at all before you moved here? Second I say, Nevada is a “Fence out State”, told to me by the Brand Inspector. 

So if you do NOT want wild life in your grass or geraniums, build a fence. Do not get all up in arms, and running about waving pitchforks wanting the wild horses to be rounded up, simply because YOU moved into where they have been for hundreds of years. I have been in many a hot conversation with someone from out of state who moved here and is hating on our Wild Horses. “PUT UP A FENCE”, I always say. Then they say “Why should I, the horses should stay out of our yard.” Hmmm. They were there first, they are animals, and if there is food, IE your grass or flowers, they being wild animals, are going to want to eat it to survive. That’s why. 

Or hey, move where they are no wild horses. No one grumps and bitches over rabbits, deer, ground squirrels, wild birds, lizards and horned toads. ALL of which are in your yard trust me. 

So the moral here? Stop trying to get our Wild Horses off the ranges over a few yards. BUILD a FENCE and enjoy them as most of us “locals” do. You will be enriched I assure you!

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